With advertising on the removable banners that are easily clipped on with carabineers, the Team Tunnel will pay for itself in short order. At $150 per side X 2 sides X 9 games per season = $2,700 in advertising revenues in ONE SEASON!


Now will your advertisers think this is a good deal? Commercial sponsors are often eager to advertise on the Team Tunnel. Just imagine where everyone in the stands will be looking when it is time for your team to come on the field? Talk about the most captive audience all night long, 100’s if not 1,000’s of people looking directly at your advertising. It is big, it is noticeable, and it is guaranteed to be looked at for several minutes before and after the team comes on the field. It is also a great place to have your picture taken before or after the game, and those advertising spaces will be seen up close every time.


Also, the first time the Team Tunnel is set up on your field, you will have instant access to the local media, for free. Your Sponsors will get press, your Booster Club will get press, and your team will get press. All for free.


Why not give businesses in your community the opportunity to be a part of the excitement, and show off support for your team by advertising on your Team Tunnel.


Year Around Use –
And why not extend your use throughout the year? Team Tunnels are ideal for basketball, soccer, baseball, and hockey games. For ceremonies, carnivals, Booster Club events, Homecoming, half time activities, Drill teams, Band, and other community events.