Our pricing will allow most Booster Clubs the ability to purchase a Team Tunnel, and look to the future for a customized, easily attached, Helmet or Mascot.


All of our tunnels are 12 feet tall by 12 feet wide by 24 feet long! Don’t settle for anything less! See our products page for a complete list of items included.


Team Tunnel (requires blower)$1499
Tunnel Blower$250
Lettering on both sides of tunnel$500
Lettering on back door of tunnel$250
Lettering on front door of tunnel$250
Logo/Lettering on back door of tunnel$500
Logo/Lettering on front door of tunnel$500
Lettering above back door of tunnel$250
Lettering above front door of tunnel$250
Fog Machine$200
Strobe Light$100
Team Helmet (requires blower)$1749
Helmet Blower$250
Logo/lettering on both sides of helmet$500
Lettering on front center of helmet$150

• Team Tunnel and Blower, without any graphics - $1,749
• Team Tunnel and Blower with lettering on two sides only - $2,249
• Team Tunnel with Blower and lettering on two sides, Logo on the one set of doors - $2,749 – BEST VALUE
• Team Tunnel with Blower and lettering on two sides, Logo on the both sets of doors, lettering above one door - $3,499
• Team Tunnel Helmet, with logo on both sides, blower - $2,499
• Team Tunnel Mascots – Since each one is very detailed and different, we will have to quote a price.


Special offer for Oklahoma Teams –
Free delivery and initial set up, from Pryor, for Oklahoma Teams. We’re an Oklahoma company and want to make sure you set up right the first time.


Out-of-State –
First time set up, out of state can also be arranged. It is important to us, that you get set up and going right the first time out, and every time there after.