Our customers boast about our tunnels:


You were not kidding, We set it up for the first time last Friday and our helmet was at least twice the size of the other school during homecoming. Everyone was very pleased and excited! I will send pic soon -THANKS, LEE


John, Attached are some photos of the Panther Helmet that you did for us. Our team is 9-0 this season!!! We already made the state tournament, but this Friday's game will determine where we will play on November 3rd. Thanks for helping add to this exciting season here in Springboro, Ohio!!! Everyone loves the Panther Helmet!!! -Sincerely, Phil Depp


"I am attaching some pictures I took of the Tiger Team Tunnel in its debut at Jack Poskey Field in Stroud. What a great night it was and your tunnel helped create such an atmosphere of excitement for our athletes, parents, and the entire community of Stroud. - Best wishes, Kim Beck"


"Yes! We have the tunnel and it's perfect, the coaches and players just love it!" - Tasha Dixon, Bismarck Lions


I bought a tunnel from a popular online company but when I saw the Team Tunnels tiger mascot at the Tulsa State Fair, I was literally sick at my stomach. The Team Tunnels product was twice the size of ours and thousands of dollars less. I should have kept shopping! - Name withheld due to embarrassment.

Note to buyers: When shopping online, Be sure to look at all the details. A tunnel that looks big on your monitor may look too small on your field. Our helmets and tunnels are the largest in the industry.


“Our 1st year to have our Tiger was FANtastic!! We put it up before each home game, pumped smoke through the tunnel as the team entered the field, and the crowd roared its approval. We put it up for our "Meet The Tigers" night and had all our "Tigers", from elementary through High School run through it and used it as a backdrop for team and individual photos. The ease in which this product goes up and down is a real selling point for our set up team…this product is A-1!!" – Steve, President, Pryor All-Sports Booster Club


“I want to thank you for the awesome tunnel!! It has been a big hit with, not only our school, but with the opposing teams. It is a phenominal tunnel, presenting a spectacular show for our crowd. First the sunami siren sounds, then fog begins, then the band starts playing the school's fight song and the boys coming bursting out of the tunnel. The crowd goes wild! We have even had opposing teams start applauding as our boys exited the tunnel. I like to think the adrenaline it produces in the boys has a lot to do with the fact that they have dominated their opponents!

Our first game on September 3rd was the "Game of the Week" for two major news stations in the Seattle area. They ran footage of our team bursting through the tunnel. Its also been written about in some newspapers. Quite the show!

Every week I have people thanking me for getting this tunnel. I could not have done so without your help. Thanks so much for working with me and for producing such a great asset for our team. I have had a couple of opposing head coaches inquire about the tunnel and have referred them to you. Hopefully this will produce future sales for you.

Again, thanks for everything!“ – Lori, Gig Harbor High School


“You guys are AWESOME! I can not believe you managed to get that out today! That helps save us a lot on shipping. We appreciate you excellent service. Thank you very much. “ - LeAura, Livermore, CA


“We love it. Our fans and players absolutely love the helmet and tunnel. It puts on a great show prior to the start of the game, the fans are going crazy, the team runs through the spirit line all fired up. And it is quick and easy to get on and off the field.“ -Buz, Checotah Sports Booster Club President


“Our tunnel came in today, I aired it up and it looks awesome! Our smoke machine did not come in with it. Is it coming separate? If you could let me know the status on that it would be appreciated, thanks again.“ - TH


“WOW, You have built a lot of tunnels lately I just looked at your website They look great!“- LH


“John Fair is by far one of the MOST responsive vendors I have every worked with! His professionalism and talent are amazing. We look forward to working with him on many projects to come“ -Angela Kendall-Dempsey


Compare our Pryor Tiger tunnel to others. Ours is much more realistic then any you can find. Compare our Helmet to others and you will find another outstanding design. Other companies may try to scare you with warnings about low price = low quality. We own the factory that makes our tunnels, so you don’t pay for the middle man. They do. We control the quality. They don’t. We actually manufacture sport tunnels for some of our competitors, but now you can buy direct, at wholesale prices.


For over 5 years we have been manufacturing high quality sport entry tunnels and other inflatables.


We make our Team Tunnels from Ripstop PVC coated Oxford cloth, which helps to keep the weight down, while still providing an extremely durable fabric.


All seams are double stitched and reinforced at anchoring and other stress points.


Check out our products page for more information.