Other companies may try to scare you with warnings about low price = low quality. We own the factory that makes our Team Tunnels, so you don’t pay for the middle man. They do. We control the quality. They don’t. We actually manufacture sport tunnels for some of our competitors, but now you can buy direct. Read the testimonials about tunnels we have provided to numerous teams.


We can also custom build team Helmets and Mascots at wholesale prices. These can be purchased separately from the tunnel and attached at a later time, or used independently. The good news is our tunnels, helmets and mascots can be connected together, where other manufacturers do not provide this flexibility.


Compare our Tiger mascot to our competetiors’. Ours is much more realistic then any you can find. Compare our Helmet to others and you will find another outstanding design.


Got to have it at a lower Price?


Maybe you would be interested in just a colored tunnel and blower. Our banners and doors are removable so that you can do the printing. You can provide your own lettering and logo from a local print shop. Our price for a one color, Team Tunnel and blower, is only $1,499!